Youth Seerah Conference & Exhibition
Red & White Club, University of Calgary | Feb 04 2023
Purpose and Objectives

The acceptance of Prophet Mohammed(ﷺ) as messenger of Allah completes the first article of faith for every Muslim and subsequently, adopts his way of life as “Role Model”. With the current wave of islamophobia among the non-Muslims internationally, it is our belief that educating the Muslim youth on the life of Prophet (ﷺ) to nurture their character and attain moral excellence. This initiative will provide an opportunity to Muslim youth to explore , learn & adopt various aspects of Prophet’s (ﷺ) life. In this event, we encourage Muslim youth to participate with their knowledge and learning skills and present their findings in the form of presentations. These presentations and knowledge sharing sessions will form the basis of working models of various aspects of Prophet Mohammed’s (ﷺ) life with different roles. Key objectives of the conference are:

  • To encourage youth to read about the Prophet ﷺ and provide a platform to share their learnings.
  • To give them confidence in speaking about the Prophet ﷺ and clarify misunderstandings.
  • To instill the characters of the Prophet ﷺ in people and help them understand more about his life and put it into practice
Conference Details
Dr. Mujtaba Shareef Conference Chair Conference Opening
Sheikh Hacene Chebbani, Islamic Information Society of Calgary (IISC) Mohammed: A True Messenger of Allah
Hajar Talbi, Calgary Islamic School Prophet Muhammad ﷺ: The saviour of humanity
Yahya A. Patel, Earnest Manning School Prophet Muhammad ﷺ As Da’ee
Haniya Mujtaba Western Canada School , The Prophets Guideline to Choose a Career
Kabir R. Mohammed, James Fowler School TMigration of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
Amal Hussainy, Earnest Manning School The Prophet’s (SAW) Mannerisms
Dawood Mohammed, Foundations for Future Charter Academy (FFCA) Humility and Success go Hand in Hand
Mohammed Abdullah, Mount Royal University Time Management in the Seerah
Ifrad Hossain , University of Calgary How the moral concept of sacrifice in the seerah applies to today’s society
Ayesha Numa, Mount Royal University Your Hidden Potential for Dawah
Yaseen Benhaddad, Mount Royal University The Year of Delegation & Dawah In Contemporary Secular Societies
Shahed Issa, University of Calgary Lessons From the Battle of Uhud
Zain Khan, University of Lethbridge How To Give Dawah As A Minority?
Sumaiyyah Khan, Athabasca University Enduring Tragedy – Prophet ﷺ ’s Journey Through The Year of Sorrow
Afraz Shaikh, University of Calgary Against All Odds: The Triumph of Dawah
Fida Sattar, Mount Royal University Treaty of Hudaibiyyah
Tuka Ali, University of Calgary Dealing with Emotional distress from the scope of the seerah
This conference has been organized by a group of professionals based in Calgary, Canada with an intention to motivate young generation particularly high school and university students to read about Prophetﷺ and share their learnings.

Organizing Team (Alphabetical order)

Aman Khan
Wali Syed
Anwar Mohiuddin
Asif Ashraf
Ateeque Patel
Azhar Quddus
Basil Siddqui
Bassam Dadi
Faizan Ahmed
Fawaz Saleem
Ifrad Hossain
Ismail Mohammed
Javeed Mohammed
Kamal Khan
Masiuddin Mohammed
Mujtaba Shareef
Nayamath Syed
Omar Bastami
Riyaz Mohammed
Saleem Mohammed
Shafeeq Mohammed
Zaid Mujtaba
Zain Khan