First International
Youth Seerah Conference 2021
ONLINE | JAN 02 2021
Purpose and Objectives

The acceptance of Prophet Mohammed(ﷺ) as messenger of Allah completes the first article of faith for every Muslim and subsequently, adopts his way of life as “Role Model”. With the current wave of islamophobia among the non-Muslims internationally, it is our belief that educating the Muslim youth on the life of Prophet (ﷺ) to nurture their character and attain moral excellence. This initiative will provide an opportunity to Muslim youth to explore , learn & adopt various aspects of Prophet’s (ﷺ) life. In this event, we encourage Muslim youth to participate with their knowledge and learning skills and present their findings in the form of presentations. These presentations and knowledge sharing sessions will form the basis of working models of various aspects of Prophet Mohammed’s (ﷺ) life with different roles.. Key objectives of the conference are:

  • To encourage youth to read about the Prophet ﷺ and provide a platform to share their learnings.
  • To give them confidence in speaking about the Prophet ﷺ and clarify misunderstandings.
  • To instill the characters of the Prophet ﷺ in people and help them understand more about his life and put it into practice
Conference Details

Guest Speakers

Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, GainPeace, Chicago, USA
Shaikh Navaid Aziz,Islamic Information Society of Calgary, Canada
Ustadah Noureen Tilly, Al-Noor Institute, Calgary, Canada

Student Speakers

Juveriah Rasheed Sereen Manners - The Essence of Seerah Hyderabad, India
Ammar Mohiuddin The Mercy of our Prophet Muhammad PBUH Calgary, Canada
Saira Fathima Personality Traits of Prophet (PBUH) Hyderabad,India
Shaziya Sultana Allah’s Help: A Promise to Mankind Calgary, Canada
Haniya Mujtaba The Noble Teacher and his Legacy Calgary,Canada
Enaas Syeda Managing Time in the light of Seerah Hyderabad, India
Ayesha Numa The Message of Wisdom (Dawah) Calgary,Canada
Huda Mazharuddin The Special Female in Islamic History Christchurch, New Zealand
Hajar Talibi Mercy of the Prophet (SAW) Calgary, Canada
Haroon Rafiq Shah The Hidden Victory Doha, Qatar
Mohammed Ma'azuddin Nasheed Calgary, Canada
Yahia Abrini Letter to Mankind: The Start of Revelation Calgary, Canada
Lateef Fatima Effective Communication in the Light of Seerah Hyderabad, India
Mohammed Misbahuddin Mercy in the face of Violence Calgary, Canada
Ayesha Abbas What it Means To Be Black and Muslim Los Angeles, USA
Sobia Mohiuddin Prophet Muhammad and The Legacy He Left on The Women’s Empowerment Movement Today Calgary, Canada
Syeda Madiha Hussaini The Importance of Brotherhood Fort McMurry, Canada
Mohammed Asaad The Importance of Good Character Los Angeles, USA
Mohammed Abdul Sami Prophet's View and Behaviour Towards the Environment Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Noor Awan A Look at The Incredible Character of Prophet Muhammad PBUH Calgary, Canada
Ayman Mohammed The Interplay Between Adversity and Growth Calgary, Canada
Prize Distribution Javeed Iqbal
Vote of Thanks Dr. Mujtaba Shareef
Ismael Mohammed Ismail Khursheed Mohammed
This conference has been organized by a group of professionals based in various countries with an intention to motivate young generation particularly high school and university students to read about Prophetﷺ and share their learnings.

Organizing Team

Dr. Mujtaba Shareef, Calgary, Canada
Javeed Iqbal, Calgary, Canada
Nayamath Syed, Calgary, Canada
Shafeeq Mohammed, Calgary, Canada
Mufassir Mohammed, Calgary, Canada
Ismael Mohammed, Calgary, Canada
Anwar Mohiuddin, Calgary, Canada
Dr. Masiuddin, Calgary, Canada
Ghouse Baig, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Mazharuddin Syed Ahmed, Christchurch, New Zealand
Syed Abdul Haleem, Hyderabad, India
Dr. Iqbal Basha, Doha, Qatar
Saif Shaikh, Dubai, UAE
Amjad Ali, Los Angeles, USA

Consulting Scholars

Shaikh Furqan Falahi, Understand Quran Academy, Hyderabad, India
Shaikh Ubaidullah Nadwi, Understand Quran Academy, Hyderabad, India
Shaikh Irshad Nadwi, Understand Quran Academy, Hyderabad, India
Shaikh Abdul Quddoos Umri, Understand Quran Academy, Hyderabad, India

Conference Proceedings (Download)

Future Conference

Insha Allah Youth Seerah Conference will be held every year. Next conference will be in Dec/Jan 2021/2022

We will insha Allah organize conference on an another topic in Summer 2021, please stay tuned. If you have any question please contact us at [email protected]