Birds Eye View of the Quran


The main purpose of the Bird's Eye View of the Quran is to present brief summaries of the Quran page by page. Some of the benefits are:

Some details of the methodology are: 1 Pointers are general indication of the key meanings in the verses, they do not necessarily capture every message but give general idea.

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Part Surah Number. Surah Name Download
Part 11.Fatihah to 2.Surah Baqarah 1-146Eng ---- Urdu
Part 22.Al-Baqarah 147-286Eng ---- Urdu
Part 33.Aale-ImranEng ---- Urdu
Part 44.An-NisaEng ---- Urdu
Part 55.Al-MaidahEng ---- Urdu
Part 66.Al-AnaamEng ---- Urdu
Part 77.Al-ArafEng ---- Urdu
Part 88.Anfal and 9.TawbahEng ---- Urdu
Part 910.Yunus and 11.HudEng ---- Urdu
Part 1012.Yusuf and 13.Ar-RadEng ---- Urdu
Part 1114.Ibrahim to 15.NahlEng ---- Urdu
Part 1216.Bani Israel (Al-Isra) and 17.Al-KahfEng ---- Urdu
Part 1318.Maryam, 19.Taha and 20.AnbiyaEng ---- Urdu
Part 1422.Al-Haj to 24.An-NurEng ---- Urdu
Part 1525.Al-Furqan to 27.An-NamlEng ---- Urdu
Part 1628.Al-Qasas and 29.AnkabutEng ---- Urdu
Part 1730.Ar-Rum to 33.Al-AhzabEng ---- Urdu
Part 1834.Saba to 36.Ya-SeenEng ---- Urdu
Part 1937.As-Saffat to 39.Az-ZumarEng ---- Urdu
Part 2040.Momin and 41.FussilatEng ---- Urdu
Part 2142.Shura to 45.JahthiyaEng ---- Urdu
Part 2246.Al-Ahqaf to 50.QafEng ---- Urdu
Part 2351.Adh Dhariyat to 57.Al HadidEng ---- Urdu
Part 2458.Al-Mujadila to 66.At-TahrimEng ---- Urdu
Part 2567.Al-Mulk to 77.Al-MursalatEng ---- Urdu
Part 2678.An-Naba to 114.An-NasEng ---- Urdu
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